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Political Cocaine is on Kindle and  iBooks as well (and 12 more outlets, the most common sources of ebooks)  Just do a search and include my name!Sorry, not available in paper yet!


I personally believe the two party system is the greatest danger to the future of the American system of Government.  “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” When you add the reality that Political Parties have no Constitutional authority, let alone no authority in law at all, it’s incredible political parties have any influence at all.  Why do we allow it?  How did it all happen?  That’s where my story starts in Political Cocaine.  I hope you read it, and enjoy it!  We need a new discussion in this country, a discussion of how to reform the political system!

Just Google “My Druthers by Art Rude free” and it should come up! If interested.

The paper books are on order! I will publish how to order here when available.  If you would like a review copy call me at 701-471-4272

           The ebook is $5.99 on both Kindle and iBooks.

The paper book will be $12.99 at Book Baby Bookstore.